About SpaceNightrider

SpaceNightrider, also known as Nexxarian elsewhere, was an RTer that had 42,029ย posts (45,398 across all official accounts). Almost all of his posts were on Roblox Talk, rarely posting anywhere else. SpaceNightrider probably plays more games than the average RTer. Two of his favorite games are Apocalypse Rising and Phantom Forces.ย Twitter is the social media he uses the most often, and you can follow him here:


  • He joined Roblox in 2012 after the closure of another massively multiplayer online game, Lego Universe.
  • The name he now tends to go by on social media and other games, Nexxarian, is based on the word, "Nexus," which comes from the Nexus Force, which was from Lego Universe.
  • He first joined Roblox Talk around November of 2012, but did not gain much recognition until late 2013 and early 2014.
  • He had stated that his goal on the Forums was to reach 50,000 posts before quitting, though this was never completely achieved.
  • SpaceNightrider2 had 3,021 posts, SpaceNightrider3 had 345, and Nexxarian had 3, equaling a total of 45,398 posts.
  • After his OBC expiration, he stated he will "refuse to spend another cent on Roblox."
  • He officially quit foruming after Roblox Talk was removed as a subforum, though he could be found at times posting on Roblox News & Discussion very late at night/early in the morning while moderators were offline.
  • His Steam account is at
  • His YouTube channel is
  • His Discord is