Forum History

kripzingis/Remoseg/thecoolweapon4 (he changed his name some time in July 2016 and changed it again june of 2017) is an RTer who joined the forums February 2015 on OT. Back then Remoseg (or thecoolweapon4 as that was his name at the time) still had -13 chat. So in the beginning he tried to hide it, failing at times, also making his post cringy. As of May 2015, for two months he moved to VCR (even though he didn't make videos). It was only for two months because he was disliked by the community because of his cringiness. After being attacked by many VCRers, he spammed the front page of the forum with random nonsense out of sadness. He returned to OT as of July 2015. As of August 2015, he found out how to remove the -13 system and he was free to post whatever he wanted without getting his posts turned into hashtags. Throughout that time on OT, he still made cringy posts, but weren't as bad as they were on his first trial. As of May 2016, after a full year of foruming, remo hit 10k and so moved to RT because of said achievement. Even with only 2 months in RT, he became recognized. Not only that, but he gets about 100 post a day. As of August 1st, 2016, he was awarded the most interesting RTer at the RT awards.

Outside of Foruming

Outside of foruming, he had a reputation for other things. For the whole year of 2014, he was an orber (tinfoilbot knockoff) He made games related to tinfoilbot's and interacted with other orbers, sometimes having beef with some. The orb game he made was Mega orb, later revamped into king orb. His games weren't that popular, so barely anyone really knew him as an orber. Along with that, the other popular orbers would commonly disclude remo and ignore him. As of the beginning of 2015, he made a hate place of him shooting the popular orber deliciousbakedpie out of anger, making people hint him of being a hater. Along with that, be grew hostile and rude to everyone in the orb community and tried to insult them most of the time (the insults were very bad because he had the under 13 system as mentioned before). These behaviors led to hate places being made of him such as these: and Nowadays he doesn't mainly focus on hating the orbers, but still add's his 2 cents whenever drama pops up in the community



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