General Info

Redesigning, currently known as Fire_cartoon, now using the account, Colume, is the fifth account used by the 412263rd account on ROBLOX named Firecartoon. Redesigning is generally found on ROBLOX Talk as an alternative account, but sometimes lurks in both All Things ROBLOX and Off Topic sub-forums. As of 29 November 2014, Redesigning is currently stated to be known as the RTer with no appearance; one of the few RTers that creates objects and clothing for Online Daters, but is not one; and also appears to be notorious.

Acknowledgements towards RT

Redesigning is known to post various amounts of "L2D" threads. However, in most cases, they are found to be humourous, but tend to die out quickly as a result. His current best L2D thread is labeled, L2D: How hot RTers are irl which appeared that the last two digits of that thread resulted as a double-zero. In most cases, you are more than likely to see loads of amounts of L2D threads posted by him. And in some circumstances, you may see Redesigning bumping his more "thread-winning" versions. Nobody knows why, but many just assume it's only for attention.

Redesigning is also known to appear as being narcissistic, cynical, and reluctantly obnoxious. Although, he is easily interpreted as to bringing the joy on the forums. As cynically annoying as he appears, Redesigning is sometimes referred to as being one of the most legitimate RTers that has existed, which is highly debatable in most levels.


  • Redesigning is the fifth account created by the 412263rd user, Firecartoon
  • Originally, he started going onto ROBLOX on 19 May, 2008, although most users refer him as to being a "newbag"
  • Redesigning has created a supportive place known as Eaudeurlande , currently with 13k+ place visits, as of 30 November, 2014
  • He has already befriended several iconic users including Bob and IPlayFootball
  • A model spent two months of work was leaked by WoridLeader (yes it is the letter i), however, the Holland [Daybreak Luxury] is currently set as a free model to allow legacy towards the originator
  • Redesigning is currently the most successful account by Firecartoon, with the second being Firecartoon himself
  • Currently, he is considered inactive due to the amount of posts made weekly
  • He now uses the account, Colume.