RedEarSlider (MissTurtlePrincess) is an RTer/OT'er & ATR'er that has 20k+ posts and often posts around the forums. She is friendly and nice and likes turtles (hence her username)

Her main account was Earlygirlgirl until it was deleted around 2011. It is now the new main account of Earlygirlgirl


RedEarSlider is another account of Katherine's that joined ROBLOX in late December of 2013. The account had a really negative reputation around 2014 in RT; often the fact that it was used for making "STOP BULLYING ME" threads and lagposting that literally caused drama. The account was called out numerous times by RT'ers, but half of the threads were deleted. According to Katherine, RedEarSlider often received 3 day bans for bad behavior until her account finally got an 7 day ban. That's when Katherine got over her deletion and started to go fresh. A few months later, around the summer of 2015, Katherine came back with another whole attitude, this time a little more friendly and obedient. Katherine now spends most of her days on ROBLOX and Playstation.

Alternate Accounts.

RedEarSlider has tons of alts that she uses to post on the forums. However she doesn't use all of them most of the time. If you would like to see the rest of her alts, then here is her group:☀


  • RedEarSlider is known to be obnoxious sometimes and have an odd personality.
  • She has leaked her irl photo numerous times, but has taken all pictures of herself down from her Twitter and Facebook page.
  • Her account, Earlygirlgirl was from 2010, thus making RedEarSlider an 10'er instead of an 13'er.
  • RedEarSlider used to have long hair until she cut it.
  • She is a tomboy.
  • Two people used to use the account, the other person who used her account was Maddie.