PenguinvilleRescue1 is a new RTer who had retired from S&I due to the massive quantity of "bring back tickets" threads.

Forum Issues


She had dealt with trolls since her debut on the forums in 2012. To her, most trolls nowadays are unfunny, poorly representative, or "plain old drunk".

Bad forumers

She can't stand the fact that people cannot use the forums correctly; such as posting in the wrong board (for example a fashion group's application thread being posted in Off Topic) or someone who calls threads forums.

Backseat moderators/mini-mods

Those who act as if they are administrators, but they actually aren't moderators whatsoever.


  • She has not received a ban with a length of one day or longer since 2013.
  • In 2015, she had never received any moderation action.
  • Her account was restricted to menu chat until 17 February 2012.
  • Her alternative account, PVR1ALT, has been terminated and eventually reactivated.
  • On Twitter, she had been blocked by BuildIntoTrains for replying to one of his Tweets with "w00t! lagfest!!!"
    • Additionally, she had been blocked by LeMonde Airlines for quoting a Tweet, saying "Delete your Lufthansa copy." Similarly, Hillary Clinton quoted Donald Trump with "Delete your account."