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The Forumer

McPuzzTheIII is the succeeding Robloxian of McPuzz, who joined in October of 2009. McPuzzTheIII joined roblox on April 5th, 2010.

McPuzzTheIII's first forum post was on November 14th, 2010. Although he did not actively start foruming until early 2012, 2010 is where it all began.

McPuzzTheIII has gone through many names in his career of foruming, including PuzzThird (current), Squidy, and Fruit Man.

McPuzzTheIII is a shared account with BretFarve7 or aka TheDevilsProtege. They both forum on each other's accounts for maximum post count. The total post count between the two is about 25k posts. Although if you count alts, it is about 30k. They both currently forum in ROBLOX Talk.

McPuzzTheIII had done something in mid-2012 to get him largely hated by the RT community, and it is only remembered by an active few. His hate has died off, and he forums peacefully within the community. 

As of 2/9/14, he is nearing 11k posts.