marksmenshiper is a typical rt'er with over 15k posts

he's mostly known for his intense liking for metal gear solid, he also builds guns as his talent on roblox.


marksmenshiper's last account was hacked the day he made the account marksmenshiper, marksmenshiper was really saddened and wants to forget about his old self, he began foruming that day to get himself out of depression.

marksmenshiper is great forum buddies with felixsnowflake (currently oderextremistfelix), formerly gryphunk2 until he blocked him from every type of social media for a stupid reason. marksmenshiper always seeks fun and plays jokes, although he can get agressive at times. when marksmenshiper has too much fun, he tends to get unstable. this caused marksmenshiper to give xolbor ptsd. marksmenshiper is mostly laid back.

Downfall of Snake

after marksmenshiper posted a video of a Venezuelen man getting his brains blown out for child rape, in the forums. marksmenshiper traumitized many forumers. The thread was constantly bumped, until it stopped. Until a forumer by the name of Kramer777 ratted him out to atr. marksmenshiper was deleted my slingshothunky, after the deletion marksmenshiper was clueless and checked rt only to see his farewells. After that it was an all out flame war for 2 months. marksmenshiper and kramer were declared to a swordfight, loser leaves rt. marksmenshiper had no choice and accepted the bet, and he won. then kramer wanted a rematch in court, which again marksmenshiper won. marksmenshiper is on his new account SoIidusSnek (thanks to invictiums)

marksmenshiper rarely forums anymore, but is active on twitter and discord

most of rt despises and looks down upon him now in recent news, as he had had affiliation with illegal content.


  • marksmenshiper is vietnamese, part european, and caucasian
  • hopes for the best, but is let down often
  • marksmenshiper signature catchphrase is "you're pretty good, hand gesture" which is a metal gear reference.
  • marksmenshiper is called snake from his cosplay
  • marksmenshiper share a close bond with felix
  • crapposter
  • constantly depressed
  • has unhealthy obsession with the columbine school massacre