Who is MVDawn?

MVDawn is a RTer who is known to having ( some ) grammar and being 10. He is in middle school as of right now.


His first thread started in July 4th, 2016. It was a summer late night, while he was ready to make a new beginning.

see- He made other accounts. ( more on that later. )

He made his first thread about a game that remade the crossroad game, from 2006. He was met with nice positive reply's. Which really kept him going. But he also posted alot ( for a short time ) on ATR and OT ( he knows some people in both forums, now. ) And now he settles on RT.


He acts pretty normal on the outside, some people thing he's 13, or some sort. But when he revealed he is 10, some people did not care, some people CARED A LOT. But he did mind that, But over-time, he sorta dealt with it.

He has been kinda cyber-bullied in RT because of being 10, ( not cause of the age, but of something else, ) Which i don't really want to talk about.

He has a history of friends in his friends list, which is mostly made up of ATR'ers /.RT'ers / and OT'ers. Almost raking up 100+ friends.


There are a lot of accounts MVDawn has made, really.

These are some, not in order.





There are also OTHERS but we don't know/remember as of now.