Legoseed, also generally known as Tyler, or just Lego, for short, is a former user from the Off Topic subforum and transferred to the ROBLOX Talk subforum since early 2013. He used to own a group called [Legoseed Cooking] as he is mostly trusted by various users. He is currently part of the ROBLOX team as a community coordinator, or better known as a ROBLOX Forums Moderator.

As a Notable Forum User

As an active user, he is known for his sharing of his own recipes. He is also well known for his sense of humour, in all levels; his piano lessons; his touring places (a place that promotes users to travel the world); and his work of moderation.

As a Community Coordinator

Legoseed became a community coordinator for ROBLOX roughly during the beginning of the year of 2016. Though, this has caused a stir as many users have accused Legoseed for their bans. Due to his acceptance of his application, various users including SCS, Gaomon94, and Columé have all attempted to apply for moderation.

"Moderation actions are determined by the Super Moderators, not the community coordinators. Community Coordinators only make the prime example of what a true ROBLOXian should be."
The only time Legoseed has been known to step in was during The Rice and the Chex Incident.

Personal Life

Though, his personal life is hardly ever discussed with the subforum, he is well known for his pianist skills and his desire to be a chef, which is where his signature look is derived from for his ROBLOX Avatar. He has, for the most part, been a very socialising person towards many and has been praised for his being.

He has close ties with Columé, as they know each other very well.


He is currently pledging when he's 90 to give his account to Atcv123, however, this was never disclosed nor proven.


  • He is an avid cook, musician, and artist.
  • He became a moderator on Feb. 3rd.
  • He aspires to be a pastry chef someday.
  • He speaks English and conversational French.
  • He has over 1,800,000 place visits.
  • His place (World Expedition)
  • He is an active RT'er, OT'er, and general all-around forumer.
  • You can find his piano videos on Youtube: 
  • You can follow him on Twitter: @legoseed