Kotov_Syndrome (A.K.A. HOTSHOT3013) started foruming on his old account, HOTSHOT3013, in late 2010. He mainly posted in RT but moved to OT when RT was dead. Now he posts mainly in RN&D


Unfortunately, on November 11, 2015, HOTSHOT3013 was terminated because he triggered a mod (kek). Along with the termination of HOTSHOT3013, many alts were terminated as well. One of them being HOTSHOT4014. He appealed the ban of HOTSHOT3013 but HOTSHOT3013 was not restored. Now, without an account, he asked his cousin if he could have one of her old alts and, thus, Kotov_Syndrome was born. Kotov_Syndrome doesn't play ROBLOX as much as he used to but he still forums on RT from time to time.

On June 22, 2016, another one of Kotov_Syndrome's alt accounts was deleted. In this case, it was Gethsemane0. It was deleted on it's first offense (wow). Kotov appealed the ban but Gethsemane0 was not restored.