John, AKA jhn905

jhn905's real name is John.

He is a somewhat well known RT'er in ROBLOX Talk.

He is able to play the piano fluently because he's more MLG than you.

John likes to type in non capital letters and he is proud to use proper grammar in his punctuation. He tends to put multiple exclamation points or question marks in a sentence if he's feigning stupidity.

He also likes to post song lyrics on RT when he is bored.

John very often calls people nerds and 'coral'.


John wears a robot costume. The robot is red in colour with a pinkish torso. He wears a tie or t-shirt above his torso. What is under this suit is debatable.


He is generally a funny and kind person. He is also voted the second cutest RT'er in RT.


John likes to RT. His more major interest is Homestuck. He states that if you love Homestuck, you are his friend.


Jhn905 has been rumored to be a Giraffe under his robot suit. The Tokyokhaos Giraffe species has the same boxy head shape as his robot headpiece, "Beep Boop".


John is also rumored to be a Sandal by some other users although not much evidence has been found.



John does not like 3 people.

He dislikes Wang (Superomyuo) < I'm cooler than him

He loves Ivan and made a fanfic about him and Ivan together, Wang suggested the idea. (UtimateBuilder)