RT info

iCriztos is not a known RTer. He is a friend of qdhxx and Guestly.

He tries his best to be nice to RTers even in dire circumstances. He loves iLogan32 and hates people who don't include him in RTer lists.

He likes talking about random things, rarely making trashposts. Most people troll him because he is so gullible, but he still doesn't care. He goes on RT daily unless banned or busy, and will go out of his way to help other RTers. He LOVES rt parties and will go on every single one.

Info on his account

He is an annual OBC member and plans on renewing by 2017, and donates to people in need of robux when he can. He joined in 2012. He says he has no style in his outfits, and he has no original ideas so one of his outfits copies XiaoXiaoMan. He gets banned often and he is a grouch sometimes.