Farascope joined RT in late 2012 and he started as a regular forumer on RT but then quit. He later joined ATR when it very first started and then went back to RT in mid 2013 and he later got deleted, he rejoined as krazycanadian. He later started having "depression" probably and he made RTers feel bad for him. In 2016 Farascope became more active and promises to reach his goal of 10k posts. He is mostly nice and kind but sometimes gets mean and rude and causes flamewars. He was the most hated RTer from 2014-2015 not anymore because people started to respect him. he is trying to catch up to VityaBC and nextly. On August 19th he revealed he's quitting ROBLOX on his high school graduation. His dream is to cause a revolution on RT. He is known for his big rivalrys with legoseed who in his quote said "I hope he drinks acid" Farascope is known sometimes for his edgy humour and filterpassing. on August 19th 2016 he revealed that he might have schizophrenia. On August 28th 2016 Farascope quit RT and Twitter and said he has better plans in life. On April 10th 2017 revealed that he is a Part-time RTer.


Farascope is known for his edgy attitude and sometimes is a troublemaker on RT. He has a long history with legoseed and other people. He has been on ROBLOX every single day since 2012 and he broke that when he quit.


Farascope has mixed reactions about him through this 4 years on RT, people usually respects him but he can get a lot of hate and he did for the longest time, some people conside fearless or Farascope one of the 5 greatest forumers of all time.


  • 90% of his family is not American
  • He can speak German
  • He is an actor in school
  • He is a hardcore attention-seeker and has started RT drama on purpose
  • he supports Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton
  • He was the last owner of Ahhtreev3
  • He played every Pokemon game ever made
  • he is a hardcore wrestling fan
  • he hates being called "fearless"
  • he has accomplished most of his roblox goals
  • hes a hardcore pokemon fan
  • he dislikes only 3 RTers