HealthyChoices is an RT forumer, foruming from 2012 onwards.

He is known for making superb quality posts that are better than yours and being loved by literally everyone unless they're a newbag who joined after 2014. He is further known for his consistent avatar, having never been changed since 2011, making use of no clothing. His incessant nudity has gotten him banned from many public establishments in several countries.

He is also known for being the creator of the popular RT party place 'Thieves in the House', the less popular, 'War of the Worlds', and the more popular, 'RT bunker 2.0', 'p[ent]house', as well as other smaller places hes developed for rt partying that you could only dream of making. loser.

Healthy began foruming as most retarded 13-year-olds did: by incessantly shitposting and 'trolling' and generally wasting time he would have otherwise spent jerking off to 240p youtube videos. This continued until 2013 when he realized that the forums were a distinct community separated from the whole of the roblox populace and that socializing with them with give him the faint impression that he actually had friends.

Healthy began to post more frequently and garner more aquantiences throughout 2014. In June his most prominant acc 'HeaIthyChoices' was deleted for trying to copypaste a weak copypasta(tbh). He continued foruming on HealthyChoice1 and HealthyChoice2 which were subsequently deleted. By fall of 2014 he had left the forums until the moderators would fucking cool it. Healthy returned briefly on an acc i cant remember in early 2015, but left again after it was deleted a few weeks later.

For the subsequent months, healthy spent time developing spambots, and in the summer of 2015 launched several continuous attacks on OT, and a few on RT(ily tho). After eventually being IP banned from roblox for several weeks, he left the forums again. In 2016 he began developing other types of bots, one of which responded to threads with the keywords 'women' and 'feminism' with rabid feminist rabble-talk and generally pissed off/amused many users of OT.

At present, healthychoices contemplates suicide everyday for the years of his life that he lost browsing this god forsaken forum. he periodically posts on 'Healthy_choices' but wishes not to become invested in the forums as much as he was.

He hasn't been involved in ANY drama on RT.

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