Forcetaken was a well known RTer with nearly 10k posts, invited to RT after meeting catsplz in a game and becoming great friends with him, catsplz mentioned to her she sounds like an RTer. She created her main foruming account, forcetaken, in 2012, though she has mentioned she joined in 2009 on an account she forgot the name of and played as a guest for a long time before but not very often. She was terminated in 2016 for saying the word "queer" She is also known for her strong love for jaredvaldez and for being very dumb. Has now moved to OT as of July 15th. Many people know her for taking trolling to the extreme (She once got a very high rank in a cafe group called frappe and tricked everyone in the group) and even exploiting some games.


She was born in 1998 making her 18. Throughout most her life she has struggled through schizophrenia, a chronic disorder. But in December 2015, the effects got extremely bad, making her less active on the Roblox forums. Her parents did not make it better, and kicked her out of the house for not helping out. She managed to stay positive, until January when not only did it effect her emotionally but physically as well. Right around the time she got terminated she had to take a break from pretty much everything and she chose not to talk about what happened during the time she was gone. She returned in April of 2016 on a more positive note, though still struggling. She lives with her parents again because she has a good job and her family is struggling on money. She is not as active as she used to be, only making around 20-30 posts the days she is online.


  • She likes trees. A lot. She actually has a tree fetish.
  • She has many alts and claims a couple of them are anonymous and one has got over 4000 posts, though her main alt is DimlessV2
  • She once ate a Roblox card unconsciously
  • Leads many raids against cafe groups
  • She owns a pet tarantula named Fluffy which she has had since she was very little.
  • Not to be confused with forcegiven
  • Is often called "forcekin" Which sounds like foreskin if you say it out loud.