DigitalMaster34 is one of the many ROBLOX Talk forumers. He claims to have started foruming in late 2014 though he didn't start posting much until summer of 2015.

He works at Frappe so if you're raiding it, order from him.


Digital started playing ROBLOX in 2012 on a different account. He migrated to DigitalMaster34 because back then there wasn't a name change system and he didn't like the username on his old account.

He rarely touched the forums until late 2014. Afterwards he got a little curious and started lurking on ROBLOX Talk. He didn't post much to begin with. He started posting more over time and had eventually made a name for himself in the community of ROBLOX Talk.


  • Has 11.5k+ posts and accumulates posts at a very low speed
  • Was at one point the "Ness of RT"
  • Was once a furry
  • Has never gotten an account termination