Dakota99 is an egotistical, self-centered piece of trash programmer.  His hobbies include investing in potentially groundbreaking games, progamming games, and then playing them.  He takes great pride in his hats, although he hasn't traded in a day in his life.  He is the leader of a war clan, a satirical group of insane completely, undeniably intelligent individuals.

Dakota99 takes great pride in being sarcastic 100% of the time, 60% of the time.  Those incapable of catching onto his sarcasm are viewed by him as idiots.

Dakota99's net worth already exceeds R$500,000.  He often brags about this, but that doesn't stop him from remembering where he came from-- he forums on RT regularly, and his post count exceeds 10,000.  He also has no idea how to use Wikia.