Clurny (also known as senneiscool, immithebest) is a forumer who started lurking in mid 2012 under the account "immithebest" and made a lot of useless threads, such as "top 10 sword fighters". He then got deleted on that account and stopped foruming for a year, and rejoined back in summer 2013 under the account "senneiscool."


When immithebest joined ROBLOX Talk in 2012, he was regarded as a fairly annoying guy with horrible spelling. He would often make sword fighting lists listing himself as one of the top. This caused massive flame wars in the whole section. After a while, he got deleted for breaking the rules multiple times. After a year, he rejoined back on "senneiscool" and it went well all along. In 2014, he got deleted for breaking the rules multiple times. He then made the account "Junkless" to forum, he forumed from begin June 2014 to the end of July, then he got deleted for making clickbait games. Then, everything changed and he hasn't gotten one ban since he got the account "Assumptive." He changed his name quite a lot of times, first it was to "Boera". People often called him "Hoera" as a simple nickname but he was fairly annoyed how people said "Borea" too, therefore changing his name again to "Ouet," and later deciding to change it to "Cirv." To the end of 2015, he used Cirv until he decided to get back on his oldest account "immiby2000", who has changed his name to Clurny.

Forum Signatures

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  • Lag-posted quite a lot
  • Deleted in 2014
  • Changed his name a lot