CloudFang50 or Precluding is an RT'er who joined RT in 2013. A friend of his thought it would be fun to troll but he liked foruming there and stayed, he's also known for being a complete retard as he made many threads exposing people in his life


CloudFang50 [Inactive] 3,000+ Posts.

og_lolyou [Inactive] 1,500+ Posts. (BANNED)

fallenomega [Inactive] 2,000+ Posts. (BANNED)

precluding [Active] 2,500+ posts


  • He makes frequent threads about "her", referring to Sophia.
  • Him and iLogan32 are also related.
  • And considers himself to be the most unknown RT'er
  • He also hates his life.
  • He also talks about other people in his life, including Abigail, Maddie, and Christina and reflects on them.