Bloxxos is an RT'er that joined in June 2011. His first username he played with was 2david40, the name his brother gave him for Runescape. The first game he has ever played was Welcome to Roblox Building, where he didn't know how to do anything. He didn't know how to talk until he looked up a video. But after that he joined a game where you place cars on a train track and destroy them. There he made a good friend named DragonNinja49071. They made videos (Old Channel:, played games, and built with each other. But over time they forgot about each other and moved on. After many years and updates he started getting bored. For a year he lost interest in ROBLOX. So he decided instead of playing games, he would check out the forums. That was sort of a mistake because he started posting on OT with the username "TheDogeFounder". Dear god it was cringy, it was so bad. After OT straightened him out and made him learn the mistakes he made. He then headed to the somewhat nicer forum, Roblox Talk. It started with a bit of a rocky start, but a year or so later he became a somewhat respected member of RT. 


  • Plays Mario Kart 8 competitively online.
  • Brother named him 2david40 because Runescape didn't allow "fart" in usernames. For some reason his brother thought "40" would stand for "farty".
  • Huge fan of Animal Crossing.
  • He got ROBLOX banned at his school because he was able to get a lot of people to download the game on the school computers.
  • His Nintendo ID is, 2david40.
  • Prays to the Bucket God.