• Definitelynotstudioarefan3

    "MY HP PRINTER BROKE I PAID $300 FOR IT" was the title of several threads made by Scienceexpert posted after users made fun of him for posting multiple threads about his HP printer not working.

    On November 26, 2016, the user scienceexpert posted a thread titled "i think my printer is broken"

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  • Coronatus

    The Catalog Act of 2016

    September 5, 2016 by Coronatus

    The Catalog Act of 2016 was an act of the Corporation of ROBLOX that imposed a direct tax on the Robloxian settlements of Greater Robloxia and required that many user-generated items in the Robloxian settlements be produced on free models produced in San Mateo, carrying an embossed robux stamp. User-generated items included hats, models, decals, gears, and many other types of items used throughout the Robloxian settlements. Like previous taxes, the catalog tax had to be paid in valid robux currency, not in colonial tix money. The purpose of the tax was to help pay for employees stationed in ROBLOX HQ after the Robloxian victory in the Baszucki Bazooka War and its San Mateo theater of the Robloxian Uprising of 2014. The Robloxians said that…

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  • A FANDOM user

    On the second of July in 2012 RT planned to colonise VGC, since they were getting much attention. They drew some famous RTers attention. Well known RT member iWantRobux25 was the first to arrive. He was welcomed greatly, this kept going for the next three RTers. Until so many started to spam the forums. VGC declared war on RT. iWantRobux25 just claimed, "We are just trying to colonise you lower classed." Well respected VGC member AhhTree (Now deceased) claimed, "You've burned down our crops, taken all our hope, and have been feeding off the system. We have no choice." ATR then drifted in, and tried to stop the conflict. That led to the bombing of 4 ATR airplanes. 111, and Xplisit were severely injured. Daniel k fell into a coma for five days…

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  • Xraykam

    Talk ROBLOX

    June 21, 2014 by Xraykam

    The complete opposite of ROBLOX Talk, we are sophisticated and have no fun. We respect the mods and sites like Mibzi. We are friendly to one another and l2d threads are not fun!

    We are serious people and so are our signatures!

    EX : RT -am xraykam ok TR - I am the ROBLOXian xraykam, who was deleted off of ROBLOX and I now respect the moderators.

    The Moderators are users - mahWaifu , shoppedand jman 

    "Join Talk ROBLOX here -

    Only serious discussions allowed, you must not spam and there is no fun. Joking will cause an insta-ban. Even your signature will have to be serious. If you forget a comma or period, you will be banned permanently.

    I am the ROBLOXian xraykam, who was deleted off of ROBLOX …

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