Biotechnically started out in the forums around 2012.


He was a "no-name" in S&I, and usually tried to start commotion and have beef with innocent forumers. He was banned and terminated countless times. He then went on to C&G, starting more beef with other people, but without as many bans.

He went inactive for a good chunk of 2013, until finding OT. From October 2015 to January 2016, he would forum there and gave himself a sturdy name among the community in OT.

After all the commotion going on in OT, with Jumblebee5, FemaleGuest666 and Fadious, he made a rather quiet shift to RT to get a better name for himself and, more importantly, enjoy himself without all the struggles of irritating users in OT. He got a good sturdy base on RT for his reputation, meeting some nice people like Syntaxical, ShadowOblivionX, xPengy and Invictium. People noticed him there which was not a goal, but helped him settle here for good.


  • Has a cat named Lily
  • He likes Splatoon, GradeAUnderA, Egalitarianism